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Ernest Hemingway, Rivers to the Sea
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Winter Dreams
Distant Harmony Pavarotti in China
Broken Minds
Madness: The Brain Series
Faith under Fire
Princeton: A Search for Answers
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Opening Night
To America

“With the support of Executive Producer Susan Lacy and Producer Catherine Collins, Writer-Producer-Director DeWitt Sage’s emotionally captivating documentary looks deep into the heart and personality of Fitgerald. With haunting cinematic re-creations of the texts, Fitzgerald’s multi-faceted vision of the American dream is fully realized. . .
A Peabody Award goes to American Masters’: F. Scott Fitzgerald: Winter Dreams for chronicling the life of Fitzgerald, one of America’s greatest novelists, in images and ideas as lyrical and inventive as his prose.” –The Peabody Awards, April, 2002

“This is one of the most original and lovely biographies I’ve seen. With its rich images and delicate emotions, the film by Academy-Award winner DeWitt Sage is more like an impressionistic painting than a television documentary. ‘Winter Dreams’ isn’t as much about the facts of Fitzgerald’s life as about finding his soul.” –The Baltimore Sun

“Fitzgerald died in 1940 at the age of 44. By the end of this elegant program you feel as if his life, so indistinguishable from his fiction, almost had to end there, before the century took its pivotal turn.” –The New York Times

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