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Distant Harmony Pavarotti in China
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“The director, DeWitt Sage, had the playful notion of playing off Western grand opera against traditional Chinese music and, in the course of these 85 highly entertaining minutes, reconciling them. So beginning today at Carnegie Hall Cinema, you can hear a version of ‘O Sole Mio’ performed on Chinese instruments while residents of Beijing do their morning exercises. Even more exotic, you can witness Mr. Pavarotti, hidden behind a marvel of a mask and a warrior’s costume take part in a Chinese operatic trio. This Western ear could detect no Italian accent.” – Walter Goodman, The New York Times

Distant Harmony brims with spontaneity and sly wit, but Sage has used Pavarotti’s touching encounters with his hosts to discuss the communion that music forges. There are moments in the film when it reaches beyond the bond between a magnificent artist and his audience. . .He deploys his images to suggest what the sound is doing to the soul of each listener. Sage here offers a movie to be cherished for what it isn’t. It is no routine follow-that-star trip.”–The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The beauty of Pavarotti’s soaring voice is enough to bring tears to your eyes, and when this happens you realize again how precious art is to touch the hearts of people everywhere and to bring them together in a shared experience.”–The Los Angeles Times

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