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“Broken Minds”, tonight’s strong offering from “Frontline,” is in part an effort to enter the delusional world of the schizophrenic. Given the mysteries that surround this profoundly disabling disease. . .it is a remarkably creditable attempt. The producer, DeWitt L. Sage, managed to win enough confidence from David Taggart, one of the thousands of mentally ill people who drift through the streets, parks and railway stations of New York City, to photograph him and to record his ramblings. –The New York Times

“The most riveting thing on television this week “Broken Minds,” Frontline’s study of schizophrenia. Footage of schizophrenics. . .living on the streets of New York City, disturbingly displays how disorienting and deracinating this mysterious, widespread malady can be. The program also notes the secret shame with which our society still regards mental illness.” –People Magazine

“The special strengths of Frontline are topicality and relevance. . .The remaining producers of network documentaries could learn something about how to combine social policy, human interest and provocative ideas from a work like “Broken Minds”, the moving study on schizophrenia shown on Frontline last month.” –Walter Goodman, The Documentary Hits Its Stride on PBS, The New York Times

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