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Ernest Hemingway, Rivers to the Sea
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Winter Dreams
Distant Harmony Pavarotti in China
Broken Minds
Madness: The Brain Series
Faith under Fire
Princeton: A Search for Answers
Art is
Opening Night
To America

An inspiring narrative of the power of faith in the face of oppression. Faith under Fire chronicles the experiences of the faithful in two countries who endured the long night of communist domination.

“. . .It takes an unusual approach to its story, focusing on the personal crises of conscience faced by dissidents like Czechoslovakian President Vaclav Havel and members of the established and underground churches of Poland and Czechoslovakia. They were forced to reconcile their loyalties to church and state and face the ethical challenges many people would refuse to acknowledge, let alone meet.” —The Denver International Film Festival

“They took away my license, and my boss said, be quiet and do nothing. And I said, I am not a dog. I am a servant of God and I have to speak.” — Pastor Alfred Kocab, Czechoslovakia

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