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Opening Night
To America

A one-hour look backstage at the gigantic tempers, talents and torsos which go into the making of a grand opera. Filmed over a five-month period at the San Francisco Opera, the film features Luciano Pavoratti, Renata Scotto, and a cast of hundreds responsible for bringing the opera to the stage in time for opening night.

“I have a confession to make. I hate opera. ‘Opening Night’ is a one-hour documentary about the making of an opera (La Giocanda, and I hope I’ve spelled it right and used the proper article), and I like it. It’s a miracle. This documentary has converted an operaphobe,”
– Martin Kitman, Newsday

“PBS station KCET had the wit to record the preparations in a funny, breezy documentary. . .The real drama involves the principals, Tenor Luciano Pavarotti and Soprano Renata Scotto. San Francisco is his territory. . .and the lady is understandably apprehensive. . .and also a diva who know the craft of staging and upstaging. From stage director Lotfi Mansouri she seeks—and gets—endless reassurance. The tension bursts over the curtain calls.

PBS will broadcast the opera as a mini-series. . .The rare hour is the first one because Opening Night is the work of people who know the opera world, relish its absurdities and are candid enough to show the temperaments which make it grand.” – Time Magazine

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