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“Ellis Island is a historical landmark now, but the faces and stories of the people who are still coming to this country are shockingly similar those generations ago. . . CBS will present the two stories of two such modern-day immigrants in a stunning two-hour special entitled “To America.” The filmed portrait of the two Eastern European families is framed by Alan Arkin’s composite account of the same kind of experiences of earlier refugees.

“But Academy Award winning filmmakers DeWitt Sage and Julian Krainin have wisely avoided fiction and gimmickry. The real stories they found were far more dramatic than any Hollywood script. “These are people who have left everything—roots, family, careers—and can never go back”, says DeWitt Sage. “For the first time I saw people without a country sacrificing everything for an idea.” — Newsweek

To America, a story of modern immigration so carefully crafted stunningly produced film. But it is not a movie. Not is it a documentary, In fact, To America is something of a unique form. It is a really story reproduced on film with circumspect effort to keep the reality intact.

“The story is about two families who approach the American shores with the same kinds of hopes and dreams that inspired the great European migration to the United States early in this century.” –The Baltimore Sun

“I hate to get overly enthusiastic, but drop everything except the baby tonight and watch To America on CBS, Despite the title it is anything but another bicentennial hurrah.

“It is a beautifully filmed, well edited and thoroughly interesting study of two young families—one and a half, actually—who left their East European homelands last year to emigrate to the United States.” – (AP) Los Angeles

To America photographs courtesy of Sean Kernan.

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